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Jenni Haikonen Greeting Card

Jenni Haikonen

Jenni Haikonen is a botanical watercolour artist and abstract impressionistic painter living in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan with her husband.

An excerpt from her bio at

"I work in watercolours and acrylic paint and create works inspired by the natural landscape around me. I desire to reflect the relationship between the human soul, atmosphere and the land. I find myself drawn toward the Victorian Naturalist movement, the history of wildcrafting and folk medicine, as well as French Impressionism. I'm fascinated at the way scientific discoveries played a role in the art of the time and seek to draw out those same qualities in my work as I study wild plants and their properties and illustrate the beauty of those plants on paper. My acrylic paintings reflect the land where these plants reside and are an emotional response to the way that land plays a role in shaping the human that treads upon it."


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