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Crush Bath Soak


CRUSH is a new twist on the classic bath bomb.  It it a luxurious, creamy, flaming bath soak that is natural, organic and fair trade. The ingredients are simple and pure, with no unnecessary ingredients, such as fragrance and additives.  Bathorium has created the perfect bath soak for every bath lover.

  • rosemary citrus emulsion
  • eucalyptus apothecary
  • charcoal garden detox
  • sea kelp serenity


  1. fill tub halfway with warm water, optimal temperature is 38 degrees Celsius
  2. add in CRUSH.  for the 1 bath soak, add entire package under running water.  for the larger bags, scoop about half a cup, or adjust to your liking
  3. get your wine, get naked - and get in.
  4. relax, you’ve earned this. 


Available in two sizes - 1 soak bag and large, 5 soak bag

Proudly Canadian Made 🍁

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Vendor: Bathorium

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